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About Us

Private Transport

Chauffered through India in your luxury air conditioned Innova, Jeep or Mini Bus.

Unique Itineraries

Use our standard tours for inspiration, talk to us about your interests & travel style, and we'll custom build a trip as unique as you are.

Great Accommodation

Boutique hotels, palaces, luxury resorts, or homestays. We choose the stay that suits you best.

Bespoke Travel

Escorted, chaperoned, or solo. You choose your style of travel and we'll take care of the rest.

A Love Affair

TW Travel began from endless travels to the land where ‘guest is god’, and as a result, endless queries from people like you wanting to visit India. But whilst they were hesitant to travel alone, they were equally averse to cookie cutter group travel. We knew we could help. So we began to design unique India tours for travellers who like the flexibility of tours that align to their interests rather than generic experiences, along with the freedom of solo or private small group travel, BUT, with the support of a travel escort, team and guide to support them on their adventures. We loooove solo and small group travel because you have the framework for great experiences tailored to your precise interests, with the flexibility to make changes along the way, plus time to create real connections with the country and culture.

When we’re not travelling, we’re busy designing meaningful jewellery for our sister business, Tamba Wildflower. We send our designs to India for traditional artisans to bring to life whilst paying them a living a wage, and we then use 5% of the sales from both businesses to fund the education of girls in India through our Tamba Girls Scholarship.

We love talking all things India travel, so don’t hesitate to reach out and talk us through your dream trip… because your India travel experience should be as unique as you are.

Tash - TW Travel

custom & private

Our Trip Design

Every trip to India we try to find the right words or the right photo to portray all that this ancient land of wonder reveals to us. But, India is far too extreme in every sense of the imagination to describe. You have to feel it. You have to stand in the middle of the whisper quiet Himalayas, or the laughter at a village school, or an ancient monument, or the perfect chaos of a major city, and feel it. Feel it with all of your senses.

escorted or solo

Always Bespoke

Be it the forts, deserts, temples and mountains of North India. Or the ocean, flora and cosmopolitan cities of South India.

Perhaps you like to take things slow. Or, perhaps you like to fill every minute of your trip with one experience after the next.

You may see yourself spending your nights in home-stays, heritage inns or luxury hotels.

It could be monuments, adventure, culture, shopping, cuisine, wellness, or nature that light up your senses.

Point us in the right direction and leave the rest to us as we design an authentic and unique experience that truly exceeds expectations. Everything is possible in India with TW Travel.


Taj Mahal Small Private Tour

Australian & TW Founder, Tash, accompanies and guides you for the entirety of your tour alongside our Indian Travel Partner, Ajay. Our personal attention ensures you're always supported, and should you like to make trip changes on the run, we can bring these to life mid tour.


Private Guided Tour in India

TW Indian Travel Partner, Ajay, will greet you in India and chaperone you throughout your tour, alongside a seasoned Indian guide. A perfect option for clients comfortable travelling abroad and still wanting the personal touch of a tour guide and knowledge of an experienced local.


Golden Temple Solo Traveler on private India tour.

Experienced travellers of India can relax knowing that all travel itineraries and arrangements have been made on your behalf. Clients are chauffeured through India by a professional TW Driver, and local city guides will meet you as requested across the journey.

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